Storytelling is Gold & Every Experience is a Gift to Inspire Others.

Are you ready to share your voice and vision on a global platform?

Are you ready to shine your light so bright that it reaches thousands? 

Have you been called to write a solo book that shares your message, methods and medicine with the world?

Are you being called to find your 'tribe' or share space with like-minded individuals that are here to create loving and lasting change? 

Say it with me...

I am a BESTSELLING Author!

 Hello, Im Mary Gooden, CEO and Founder of Divine Destiny Publishing. Over the last three years we have encouraged and supported hundreds of Authors to publish their books & share †heir stories with the world. Launching 18+ books to Best Seller on Amazon


Sharing my own story radically changed my LIFE! 

I believe that every experience holds a key to our greatest transformation and those keys unlock our true essence.

Storytelling unlocked shame, guilt and resentment that had been hiding in me for years.

Publishing my story on a global platform opened a door to invite like-minded people to my programs.

Promoting my message, methods and channeled wisdom, aligned me with limitless resources & opportunities.

Are you ready to share your wisdom with the world?

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Do you want to share your voice as a Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, or Visionary in a Solo Book?


We offer a done for you & done with you services in our Solo Author Book Courses! 


Have you ever wanted to write your very own Solo Book? 

A memoir, self-help or workbook?

Do you have a channeled message begging to be shred with the world?


Immediately expand your network and align with your ideal audience, transform lives and increase your resources? 


Do you want your soul-driven message to reach the hearts of thousands?


Attract new clients who are aligned with your vision and eager to learn more about your offerings?


About Divine Destiny Hybrid Publishing

What Exactly is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid publishing is what happens when you take the best parts of traditional publishing and the best parts of self-publishing and put them together.

It’s a publishing model focused on assisting the writer as they work on their book by providing professional services such as editing, book design, etc., for an upfront cost.

Why Hybrid Publishing?

Maintain Creative Liberty

When you work with our hybrid publishing company, you maintain creative control of your book. You decide what the illustrations will look like, where everything goes inside the book, whether it will be hardcover or paperback, and so on.

The advantage to using your creative control with a hybrid publisher vs. self-publishing is that hybrid publishers provide professionals to follow through on your vision. 

At Divine Destiny Publishing, we listen to your preferences and pass them on to our editors, book designers, and publishing team to make sure the book looks exactly as you want it (without you having to endure the headache of setting it all up).


You Make the Decisions

At Divine Destiny Publishing, your freedom to make decisions is not limited to the creative stuff. We give you full control over your book. If you want to publish the book in a particular way, we’re there to support you. If you have a particular marketing strategy you want to implement, you can absolutely do that. And so on.

We always want our authors to be in control of their books. That‚Äôs why we love hybrid publishing ‚ÄĒ your book is completely reflective of your vision.


The Book is 100% Yours

One of the most common complaints I hear from authors looking into traditional publishing is that traditional publishers take ownership of their book. That is not the case with hybrid publishing.

Divine Destiny Publishing allows authors to keep 100% of the rights AND 100% of the profits from their book. We’re just here to help you bring your vision to life.


Quicker Turnaround Time

Traditionally publishers can take a lot of time to get the final product on shelves. Hybrid publishing offers flexibility so you can publish your book much quicker. And since you’re not doing everything on your own, it moves much faster.

In our solo author publishing program, it takes authors anywhere from three to nine months to publish their books, which is a much shorter ETA than other methods.


You Get Professional Assistance & Guidance

One of the most defining of these pros and cons of hybrid publishing is that, with hybrid publishing, you get professional assistance and guidance. 

What’s different about Divine Destiny Publishing is that we not only do some services for you, but we also teach you how to write, publish, and launch your book.

Unlike self-publishing, where you have to figure it all out on your own, or traditional publishing, where they do everything for you, hybrid publishing offers the perfect balance: we do some things for you, but we teach you how to do them so you can go on to publish more books if you’d like.


We’re all about empowering people, both authors and readers alike.


Apply to work with Mary Gooden & Divine Destiny Publishing

"Collaborating with Mary and Divine Destiny Publishing has been an incredible journey! I'm absolutely overjoyed that I made the choice to say "yes!"

Mary offers steadfast guidance, unwavering support, and provides all the essential resources, walking alongside us every step of the way.

Through Divine Destiny Publishing, Mary Gooden extended the opportunity for me to share my voice and stories, transforming my dream of becoming a published author into a beautiful reality when others had doubts.

Her encouragement and belief in my potential illuminated the path, and for that, my gratitude knows no bounds.

I'm elated that I wholeheartedly embraced the chance to join this extraordinary community of authors devoted to making a difference by sharing their stories.

Just as Mary wisely says, "Storytelling is Gold." What Mary offers goes beyond a simple opportunity to write and publish.

When an opportunity in alignment with your purpose presents itself, saying "YES!!" and seizing it can allow the universe to work its magic, leading to incredible transformations in your life. I'm thankful that I took that leap, and I hope you do too!" 

-Jaime Lundquist-Munoz                                              

Unlock Your Inner Author 

4-Week Writing and Channeling Mastery Course

Unlock your potential and transform your ideas into captivating written works! Whether you're dreaming of writing a book or looking to hone your channeling skills, our course is designed to guide you every step of the way.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Expert Instruction

Interactive & Flexible Learning

Join a community of like-minded individuals and embark on a transformative journey. 

Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming the author you were meant to be!

Enroll in our 4-Week Writing Course

Write & Publish Your Book in 90 Days

Done with you.

Transform your vision into a published book with our comprehensive 90 day course, designed for aspiring authors.

Course Features:

90 days of comprehensive instruction from concept to publication.

Structured in four main phases for optimal learning and application.

Phase 1: Writing Your Manuscript 

Phase 2: Self-Editing, Formatting, Cover & Graphics Design

Phase 3: Marketing and Publishing Preparation 

Additional Benefits:

Live sessions with experts in writing, editing, and publishing.

Interactive workshops for hands-on learning and application.

Peer reviews for constructive feedback and community support.

Flexible access to course materials to fit your schedule.

Ideal for:

First-time authors ready to publish.

Entrepreneurs ready to create their brand book, journal, workbook or self-help book.

Anyone with a story to tell or a message to share.


Join Now!

Solo Author Book Course

Done for you. 

Create & Publish Your Solo Book

Access for up to 6 months with monthly group coaching calls, timelines trainings, content creation, writing workshops, and complete instructions and support on set-up and uploading your book on Amazon KDP & Ingram Sparks.


  • If you could grow and scale your business in a way that you never thought possible, all thanks to your solo book.
  • Leave your legacy in this world to inspire your family, future generations and so many women and men across the world.
I'm ready to create an IMPACT

Book My Brand 

6-Month Blueprint

This is a VIP experience.

Designed to elevate your visibility, impact & prosperity.

Write your Signature Solo Book related to your Business or Brand.

A 100 (approx 25,000 words) page book that shares your message, methods and magic with the world. Short, sweet and to the point!

Craft your Signature Talk for live & virtual stages.

Keynotes, Podcasts, Speak to Sell, Summits and Authority Stages like Tedx.

Stages are powerful and   profitable opportunities to sell your book and your programs.

Create your Signature Offer. Prospering on purpose is a thing, I am am delighted to share are the details. Learn how to set up a sales funnel that converts,

Go VIP Book My Brand

Multi-Author Book Program

This program is designed to support you in sharing your authentic journey with the world and easily attract your ideal clients. People are waiting to be inspired by your story! 

Interested in joining our next book? Buzzing with Brilliance

Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success 

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Why Multi-Author Books?

We came here to go BIG. The vibration of these collaborations is all about community.

How are you creating an impact for yourself, your clients, and your family?

How are you shining your light and changing the world one thought, word, or action at a time?

Are you ready to elevate your business, brand, and authority while sharing your unique gifts and genius with the world? 

Apply Now

This is the VIP Experience

Visibility - Leverage your business/brand with a Global Best Selling Book Launch. Receive more invites to podcasts, summits, and speaking opportunities.

Impact - Gain Expert Authority in your industry. Be the inspiring voice that someone needs to hear. Align with your ideal audience.

Purpose - Instantly align with your soul aligned dream clients. Amplify your authenticity and fill up your soul with abundance.


Who is this for?

Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, and Visionaries with an established business. Increase the value of your services and collaborate & cross-market with 50+ like-minded leaders with Live calls every month! 

                              What's Included?

Our Responsibilites

- Guidance on crafting your story, writing your Bio, Chapter, and Timeline. Writing workshop included.

- Professional editing of your chapter.

- Formatting for digital and paperback.

- Front and Rear cover design.

- Publishing on Amazon, plus promotional and marketing support. 

- All book royalties are gifted to charity.

- Live Facebook Interviews and Podcast Invites. 

- Private Facebook networking group for contributors to collaborate and celebrate. 

- Become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR! (Priceless) 

Bonus Trainings:

- Monetize/Leverage your Book

- Creating your speaker sheet for Podcasts, Summits, and Presentations

- Press Release & Media Expert Training`


Your Responsibility: 

- 2000-3000 Word Chapter

- 200 Word Bio

- High Resolution Headshot

The Truth:

Sharing my raw and real on a GLOBAL platform transformed my LIFE.

Are you ready to transform yours and the lives of others?

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