Storytelling is Gold & Every Experience is a Gift to Inspire Others.

Are you ready to share your voice on a global platform?

Are you ready to shine your light so bright that it reaches thousands?

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I am a BESTSELLING Author!

Multi-Author Book Program

This program is designed to support you in sharing your authentic journey with the world and easily attract your ideal clients. People are waiting to be inspired by your story! 

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We came here to create loving and lasting change together.

Every experience is a gift to inspire another!


Divine Dreamers

Launching March 2024

Visionaries Reveal Truth and Wisdom of Unlocking Your Soul Essence Through Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

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Shine Your Soul Light

Launched November 2023

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Inspiring Stories From Visionaries Paving the Way to a Brighter Future


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Soul Parent

Launched January 2024

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Inspirational Wisdom and Guidance on Navigating Life as a Single Parent (Volume 2)

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Why Multi-Author Books?

We came here to go BIG. The vibration of these collaborations is all about community.

How are you creating an impact for yourself, your clients, and your family?

How are you shining your light and changing the world one thought, word, or action at a time?

Are you ready to elevate your business, brand, and authority while sharing your unique gifts and genius with the world? 

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This is the VIP Experience

Visibility - Leverage your business/brand with a Global Best Selling Book Launch. Receive more invites to podcasts, summits, and speaking opportunities.

Impact - Gain Expert Authority in your industry. Be the inspiring voice that someone needs to hear. Align with your ideal audience.

Purpose - Instantly align with your soul aligned dream clients. Amplify your authenticity and fill up your soul with abundance.


Who is this for?

Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, and Visionaries with an established business. Increase the value of your services and collaborate & cross-market with 50+ like-minded leaders with Live calls every month! 

                              What's Included?

Our Responsibilites

- Guidance on crafting your story, writing your Bio, Chapter, and Timeline. Writing workshop included.

- Professional editing of your chapter.

- Formatting for digital and paperback.

- Front and Rear cover design.

- Publishing on Amazon, plus promotional and marketing support. 

- All book royalties are gifted to charity.

- Live Facebook Interviews and Podcast Invites. 

- Private Facebook networking group for contributors to collaborate and celebrate. 

- Become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR! (Priceless) 

Bonus Trainings:

- Monetize/Leverage your Book

- Creating your speaker sheet for Podcasts, Summits, and Presentations

- Press Release & Media Expert Training`


Your Responsibility: 

- 2000-3000 Word Chapter

- 200 Word Bio

- High Resolution Headshot












Do you want to share your voice as a Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, or Visionary in a Solo Book?


We also offer a done for you service, Solo Author Book Courses too! 


Have you ever wanted to write your very own Solo Book? 

A memoir, self-help or workbook?


Immediately expand your network and align with your ideal audience, transform lives and increase your resources? 


Do you want your soul-driven message to reach the hearts of thousands?


Attract new clients who are aligned with your vision and eager to learn more about your offerings?

The Truth:

Sharing my raw and real on a GLOBAL platform transformed my LIFE.

Are you ready to transform yours and the lives of others?

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