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33 Abundant Affirmations Physical Book

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This book is Activating Abundance all over the world. 

Enjoy activating pages to journal your own intentions and reflections with each affirmation.

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A Limitless Well of Prosperity for Wayshowers & the World. 

Here’s the deal 

Creating this book of activations has been EASY & FUN

It moved through me on Thursday August 24, 2023 while I was frolicking through the land of Sedona.


These are the words and vibrations that rest gracefully in my sacred HEART!

And there are so many more--

I stopped pretending 

I am sharing my truth 

I am shining my light


How does this benefit YOU?

Effortlessly 🌟 

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Seriously, there are NO LIMITS to what can be created in and through us.

This book is full of powerful activations.

I have spent the last decade of this human experience exploring the magic and mystery that I AM 💕

And here are the words and vibrations that have supported me the most.

These affirmations were channeled to support the activation of loving and lasting transformation 💕

There is no right or wrong way to work with these affirming energies, however the more aware and present you are the more ease you will find in receiving that which you desire, and that which is desired for you. 

Let’s all take a deep breath.

I love you 💕 Mary


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About Mary Gooden

Mary Gooden is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Podcast host, Retreat facilitator and Life Coach who is transforming lives on PURPOSE. She deeply enjoys being a Sedona sun- kissed gypsy, magnificent mother and wonderful wife! Mary is the founder of Divine Destiny Mentoring & Publishing, she joyfully supports conscious coaches, thought leaders, visionaries, and purpose driven entrepreneurs build bountiful businesses, become published authors and align with sovereign success through her VIP programs that amplify visibility, impact, and prosperity for her clients. https://www.marygooden.com

Mary Gooden