Reiki,  Energy Healing, Sound Baths, Angel & Oracle Card Readings and More


Cleanse, Clear, & Surrender

With Me

 Are you ready to embody heaven on earth? 


It is time to shine your light!


It is time to release yourself from limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, and self-destructive conditions!


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Anchor Your Light Immersion

Active: Self Love, Self Trust, and Self Acceptance

Work 1:1 Privately with Me

1 x 70 Minute 1:1 Session

7 x Birthrights Activations

7 Weeks of Full Virtual Support

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Private Reiki & Energetic Cleansing

Balance, Reduce Stress, ReAlign

This session is geared towards the i needs with aromatherapy, crystal healing, and energetic realignment

As a Master Reiki Healer, I also offer Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 Attunments for those wanting to dive deeper or offer their own Reiki sessions to others


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Private & Group Sound Baths

Surrender in Sound Healing

Sink into the medicine of the bowls as we release stress, tension, anxiety, and imbalance

Available for consulations and bookings for groups and 1:1 sessions


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Private 1:1 Tarot, Angel, and Crystal Chakra Readings

Let me guide you

Tarot readings shed light on what is happening in your life at present and what is coming up for you in the near future

Angel readings deliver messages from spirit guides and guardian angels for your highest good regarding what you need to know in the present

Crystal Chakra readings explore the different natural energies at work in your body and which crystals are currently resonating with you on your path of healing and growth

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