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Our Multi-Author book program is designed to support you in sharing your authentic journey with the world.

People are waiting to be inspired by your story!

We came here to create lasting change together by inspiring others with wisdom and truth.

Revolutionary Leaders - Launched to Best Seller in 16 categories over 4 countries on JULY 22, 2022

~ Extraordinary Humans Creating EPIC Change On Earth


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Divine Love - Inspirational Stories of Unconditional Love and Radical Self-Acceptance


Launching Early 2023

Soul Parent - Inspirational Wisdom and Guidance on Navigating Life as a Single-Parent

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Launching December 9, 2022



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We came here to go BIG.

The vibration of these collaborations is all about LEADING the way.

How are you standing in your Beliefs for yourself, your clients, your family?

How are you Shining your light and changing the world one thought, word, or action at a time?

Are you ready to elevate your business, brand and authority while sharing your unique gifts and genius with the world?

This is a VIP experience:

Visibility - Leverage your business/brand with a Global Best Selling book launch. Receive more invites to podcasts, summits, and speaking opportunities.

Impact - Gain Expert Authority your Industry. Be the inspiring voice that someone needs to hear.

Prosperity - Instantly align with your soul clients and sell out your programs. Amplify your authenticity and align with your abundance.



Increase the value of your services.

Collaborate and cross-market with 50+ like-minded leaders with Live calls every month.

Who is this for:

Coaches, consultants, visionaries, and thought leaders with an established business.

You are ready to shine on a global stage.

You have always wanted to become a published author and share your mission and message with the world.

You believe in collaboration over competition and are excited to build a network with like-minded entrepreneurs.


Celebrate, this is a done for you service!

Our Responsibility:

  • Guidance on how to write your chapter and bio & writing from the heart workshop.
  • Professional Editing of your chapter. 
  • Formatting for digital and paperback. 
  • Front and rear cover design. 
  • Publishing on Amazon plus Promotional and Marketing Support. 
  • All book royalties are gifted to charity.
  • Pre and Post Launch Live FB Interviews and Podcast Invites.
  • Private FB networking group for contributors to collaborate and celebrate. 
  • Become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR! (Priceless)

Bonus Trainings:

- Monetize/Leverage your book

- Creating your speaker sheet for Podcasts, Summits and Presentations

- Press Release & Media Expert Training 


Your Responsibility:

  • 3000 word chapter, 150 word bio and high resolution headshot  


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LEVEL 1 - $1444

Level 1 Contributor - $1444 USD Includes all the details above. Start to finish - Plus 1:1 Session with Mary

What an incredible experience working with Mary and Divine Destiny Publishing!

I am so thrilled that I said "yes"! Mary provides all the guidance, support and resources needed and is authentically present with each and every step! 

What Mary provides is so much more than simply an opportunity to write and publish! 

It's been life changing! 


So much love and gratitude!



I will forever be grateful to Mary Gooden and Divine Destiny Publishing for the opportunity to be apart of the Aligned Leaders collaboration. This experience provided an incredible opportunity in networking, expanding my consciousness AND my business, and more importantly self healing. Putting my story out there to inspire others on a global level provided an insight into myself that I didn’t have prior to this collaboration. It’s been a transformational experience on every level … mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Thank you Mary, Divine Destiny Publishing and my fellow authors who made this experience so magical.

Tamara Cacio

My experience with Divine Destiny Publishing can be BEST described as a Magical Carpet Ride…From the minute I said “YES” to being part of the multi-author book project, Sacred Surrender, I have felt like I’ve been floating in mid-air…Mary Gooden is a FABULOUS person and publisher—easy to work with, compassionate and supportive, reliable and accountable, and eager to see each author succeed in sharing their story with the world!!!...From scribbling my first draft to seeing my words in print as a #1 Bestselling author, nothing  but positive feelings have been swirling around in my heart (joy, excitement, gratitude, and surrender…just to name a few).

Amanda Lindsey


#1 International Best Selling Books

Aligned Leaders

7 - #1 Best Selling Categories in 5 Countries. 

"Every experience is a gift to inspire another"

In these pages you will find inspiring stories of bold and fearless women who have chosen to do the deep inner work and present as their most aligned and authentic self. Everyone is here to serve a purpose, to grow through the uncertainties and experiences of life, to shed the layers of expectation and step forward with ease and grace. May these stories serve as encouragement for those that are aligning with their soul’s mission and leading the way in their community.


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Wholehearted Leaders

8 - #1 International Best Selling Categories in 4 Countries.

Wholehearted Leaders

There comes a time in our life where we stop playing small and stand firmly in our beliefs. We stop pleasing the masses and discover our most authentic nature. This awakening is felt in the deepest layer of our being, an experience that feels as if you are cracking your heart wide open. This is how the light shines through. In this light, we become the change we wish to see in the world. Living a life of authenticity requires a bold and fearless nature and the promise to lead by example wholeheartedly. The stories in this book share the journey of global leaders that embody their wholeness and shine it brightly for the world to see. May these stories support you in your journey of living your most authentic life on purpose with love and compassion.

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Sacred Surrender

9 - #1 Best Selling Categories in 5 Countries

In a single moment your whole life can change, will you choose to fight it or invite it?

Sacred: Human perception on qualities often associated with the divine or higher powers: transcendence, essential and absolute truth, boundlessness, interconnectedness.

Surrender: Willful acceptance, toturn our ego and self-will over to a deeper wisdom and knowing within us—our higher self. Liberating oneself from painful distortion of certainty, duality, and separateness while embracing the truth of uncertainty, connection, and unity.

What does Surrender mean for you?

Is it letting in or letting go?

Do you believe that you came here on purpose?

Do you believe that you are here to be part of something bigger, to remember the path that leads to your Divinity, Wholeness, and Destiny?

When you surrender, you will have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

May these stories remind you that life is always happening for YOU!

Bonus: Sacred Surrender Home Retreat Inside!

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Revolutionary Leaders

16 - #1 Best Selling Categories in 4 Countries

Revolutionary Leadership is the pulse of the Promise Land.

The Promise Land is the place where we expect to find great happiness.

A place where hopes and dreams can come true.

A place where we receive our gifts and share them wholeheartedly with the world.

Revolutionary Leaders reveals wisdom, guidance and support from extraordinary humans that have purposefully transformed their life to serve from their most authentic vibration. To be a shining example of great happiness, aligning with their hopes and dreams, and sharing their heart with the world.

These pages are filled with truth, love, and miraculous moments.

Each of us have a truly unique experience and a very similar purpose.

Each of us have been called to create epic and magical change on earth.

Each of us share the vulnerable truth of being chosen to lead the way.

Thank you for honoring and supporting our journey!


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